Friday, 8 January 2010


England has become ridiculous to live in. Not only do we have to pay back huge amounts of money in tax for idiots loaning people money in America, but now we are going to have to help British Airways. Come on girls, lets go sort 'em out. We need Trinny Woodall to help organise the baggage area at Terminal 5, because they are in a bit of a fix and only she would be bossy enough (in a charming way) to get the flag flying again. We have had a little bit of snow, we were warned about it, but still British Airways' staff were unable to cope. Quite frankly it's a disgrace. What would they do if there was a real war on, or a life threatening situation? There are three million unemployed and British Airways can't manage a few extra bags. Shame on all of you. I am coming round tomorrow to help. What has happened to the church? They used to look after these sort of things, with some bossy woman in a village sorting it all out. We were better off under Maggie Thatcher than these male clowns. Come on, let's go there, and I can find out at the same time what has happened to one of my bags. Has it been delivered? Yes or No. Computers, darlings, only work if people know how to use them and they fill out the forms correctly. Cut their wages. Shame on the whole lot of you. You will be in deep shit when I put in my claim form. P.S Maybe Trinny would be better at running the country. Food for thought.....

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