Monday, 14 December 2009


There was no cozy gentlemen's club feel to this version of Sherlock Holmes,n'or did it give an impression of a relaxed Sunday afternoon by the fireplace.Robert Downey Junior gives a very attractive, darker more intellectual approach to the character of Sherlock. Helped of course, by his stunning Velvet Frock Coats and Top hat, and Jude Law as Watson, together they became "Gilbert and George", only obviously younger and more dishy. The story is full of action and I am exhausted and terrified watching the endless stunts. I felt like a pig watching a saw coming towards me in an abattoir. Witchcraft, The Freemasons, Parliament, following a masterful journey with secrets lying in the book of spells. Expanding the Empire, taking over the Houses of Parliament, altogether my most favourite subjects. The music was continuous and heightened the drama, the crashing and banging to six eight time by Zimmer. The satin velvet smog of Victorian England, the building of London Bridge, have never looked so glamourous. Much of the film is beautifully directed by Guy Ritchie, and the camera man needs to be congratulated.. The party afterwards was full of the cast, all enjoying themselves in a converted church. Delicious food and plenty props to amuse me. A horse and carriage outside, Policemen and dancing girls.I have had a great night.

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Inside R said...

I absolutely loved the film.
Just saw it.As opposed to Batman etc which brought the human touch to the cartoon,here we had the opposite,this brought the mystery and excitement of a cartoon to a more realistic situation. Dark references for evil,almost Nazi like,masons,and of course some hebrew writing all in a grey foggy wet and miserable London that was lit up by the two main actors.It was brilliant and enjoyable.
Dont know why I wrote it here.This came up on google.