Sunday, 27 December 2009


Christmas is over, tissue paper unused is on my chest of drawers, the red roses are starting to droop, and the sun shines through on this beautiful Sunday morning in Los Angeles. I have had a hectic time and now its starting to calm down, and time to write my thank you notes. I am instead lying in bed satiated with new toys, and ready to lose weight of course. I received some great presents, one of the best was a necklace from Tiffanys saying "do not resuscitate if fat". I also shared my time with some great friends, and had an amazing Christmas party here. Eric Buterbaugh, florist to the stars and 'Amanda', wanted me to have a red tree, and with little nagging I arrived from London to a mad creation of festive beauty. Birds, were everywhere. He is without doubt, along with Kenneth Turner, a florist I worked for in 1983, the best florist on the planet, definitely the only people allowed to touch my tree. Eric has glamour that the other florists don't. Kay Saatchi indulged me and gave me a beautiful top with pearls. I was definitely spoilt, and then I was given a chakra pendant by Maya Fiennes with minute jewels. The party as a lot of fun, Sean Borg, public relation blogger to Hollywood came, Zeta Graff looking ravishing in a black slinky number, Ryan Fox, Julie Anne Rhodes, bringing her homemade cookies, Eileen Koch and Magnus Fiennes. My sons and Phoebe Saatchi made us all stockings full of wit and craziness, my son Jack customizing a pair gym shoes for a friend. So I am beginning to like it here a lot. I love my house with its views of a fake Tuscany/Beverly Hills. The following Christmas night , was funny we went to the house of Michel and Ayoka Comte, and because of a power cut had to climb over the gates to their estate. We ate Cheese Fondue in candle light very romantic.

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