Sunday, 13 December 2009


I have decided that only the French can write sexual music, especially,Maurice Ravel,who although born in a Basque village was raised in Paris and went to the Conservatoire there, and Claude Debussy, I am totally inspired to "play" to this music next time, if and when I have the opportunity.
Tonight the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by the great Russian, Valery Gregiev, presented spectacular performances. The LSO practice every day with each other and it really shows. Two pieces of Ravel, including Bolero which got a huge applause. I do wish that this was not over played in places like Waitrose, look what they did with Lakme, they used the beautiful Flower duet, to sell us British Airways. It should be made into an offence. YUk I hate MUZAK.
They also gave us the chance to listen to Stravinsky's, Jeu de cartes, wonderful. A Russian by birth and made into a French citizen he later moved to the States. However he hated it when in America first staged Jeu de cartes as they used traditional tarot cards at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, and medieval costumes, He preferred abstract to traditional designs to set his music to, using playing cards often, and his love of poker shows through. Richard Strauss had written a piece for the Oboe, an instrument which is often forgotten by composers, his concerto was outstanding as was the swiss player Emanuel Abbuhl's interpretation of it.
I do love nights like this and we must help this wonderful orchestra, and if we didn't, there would only be half of a performance. So perhaps after all ghastly Musak can pay for them?

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I wish I could have seen this concert!

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