Sunday, 6 December 2009


As a mother of two boys how would I feel if one was either murdered, or accused of murder. It is an horrific thought. The fact is that we could never imagine a child doing this that we had given birth to and nurtured. As a mother we only want the best for our children. So it is tragic that Meredith Kercher was so sadistically murdered and ghastly for their family. What is also confusing is the involvement of Amanda Knox, and her being accused as the murderer. Confusing because there is no hard evidence, and so little on her boyfriend. A couple of photographs, six words in a story she wrote, a video where Amanda is slightly drunk and her nickname, Foxyknoxy. The knife has little DNA, and the motives slim or non existent. Of course The Italian people had to find the murderer immediately or they would have lost pupils in the sleepy oldest University in Perugia, equally it was fabulous fodder for journalists who exaggerate at the best of times and easy to portray her as a violent killer. The Italian people had better be correct, if they are going to put her in jail for 26 years. It is a long time, if she is innocent. I have a problem with the whole thing. Amanda's friends all say she was incapable of doing this and friends who have known you a long time sort of know who you are. She was popular, a football player, a graduate, this is therefore an unusual profile for this cruel and unnecessary killing. Why did she involve people who had nothing to do with this e.g her boss? All is so far fetched and evil. if you discount the picture of her with a gun, and her nickname. My nickname is RATBAG, and I have a great photograph of me with a shot gun and some rather saucy poetry to my name. Am I a mass murderer? Hell no.. Let us pray I am never in this position.. As for the parents and family of Meredith, nothing can bring her back,not the four millions euros, thats for sure. I know that they wanted to find out who did this, and only God will ever know the complete truth, and of course I was not at the trial or the investigations, and therefore cannot be certain. I just have a nagging feeling that something is not 100 per cent correct. The whole thing reminds me of THE CRUCIBLE, a witch hunt. Giuliano Mignini is chief prosecutor. During the 1980'a or thereabouts there was a serial killer in Florence, Mignini was the prosecutor then too perhaps everybody should check how he conducted that case too.

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