Monday, 21 December 2009


I have arrived at my house in Los Angeles, which I love and adore. The only thing is, when you leave something as big as this un loved for a while, everything breaks down. I had palpitations last night, trying to get my computer to work. In fact there were eight Macs in the house, and only one worked - and it wasn't mine. I received an instruction manual from AT&T to start them on a new modem, and after two hours on the telephone to them, the computers still didn't work. Nothing is simple. I like on and off. All I could think of was how did we ever live before without electronics - and how do we live with them? I used to like mobile telephones but now have no real interest in it at all. All those meaningless conversations with friends, about nothing. I would rather have read books, several books. Anyway, back to the computer. I have an amazing company here in LA, belonging to the lovely Richard Basch, who has a great sense of humour. I was telling him that the whole house would be in a body bag if he didn't get here quickly. Another of my friend said, you know this could be death, we could have died: nothing could be worse than having to spend hours on the telephone trying to fix something, with a company such as AT&T. But today Richard Basch's team were able to make everything work within ten minutes. All the system needed was re setting -and the drama and fatigue of it all had been totally unnecessary.

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Bonnie said...

So glad your computers are up and running. I'm the same way with electronic stuff. Thanks so much for following my blog, Love Your Place. I hope you are enjoying the holidays and your time in here in LA!