Friday, 20 November 2009


Yesterday I did a Q & A interview with Couture Lab, an online up-market shop. In one of the preambles, they told me this blog site was CULT - which means all of you readers out there are CULT, too! How groovy is it to share in the accolade bestowed on such figures as Syd Barrett, Alice Glass, Steven Berkoff, and Aphra Benn, not to mention various lesser-known saints. But is it better to be CULT or MAINSTREAM FAMOUS? Would I rather be Julie Burchill alive or Sylvia Plath dead? I think I I would rather be cult, hidden and not really known, with some people thinking I am just a dumb blonde. It's so much easier: you can quietly get on with life and avoid being nagged.

My mother made a huge mistake when I was young by saying that I was stupid in French - but I knew enough to understand what she meant. Well, it's true I have a learning disability when it come to numbers- which is dreadfully annoying, because they jump up and down on the page, and at me, and I simply can't see them - but after her comment, I exploited it shamelessly at school. It gave me an excuse to only work at subjects I liked, and to lurk at the bottom of the top stream. I liked being with the cleverest girls - but if you were too clever, Oxford, or if slightly less clever, Bristol, loomed and I wanted to leave education as soon as possible. I knew I would be all right, and indeed I am. Touch wood.


Julie Anne Rhodes said...

What one earth are you on about??? Lurking at the bottom of the top??? REALLY! You are brilliant at everything you turn your attention to... you wouldn't know what the bottom was if it dared to tempt you.

Sign me up for the cult dahlink.


Darling we are cool cool cool...missing you love you, you are the best. WE ARE CULT how cool. AMANDA