Wednesday, 4 November 2009


I wish I was better at keeping to plans, but I like to be a little bit flakey in fact I hate being pinned down, Of course I like to pin down with drawing pins, but if any one tries to do it to me I could scream. Today I have received 11 messages about this evenings plans from one girl, who changed everything, only to take another invitation completely and luckily I don't give a damn. Then another girl says she has meet her parents and that takes another 5 texts. Yesterday I was sent one of those texts which tells you to send it on to another 9 friends and something special will happen. I sent it to Tracey Emin who said " I know you mean well but the money would have been better spent" Well she is right..
Actually although I love my girlfriends, I really hate going out with them because invariably they too change their plans.. I like to be free, to be in the company of men. I trust them a whole lot more when it comes to these things. When they say they will ring they do. The same with appointments, they keep those too. I am the one who likes to change. I think its the excitement of what is coming next. As for text messages I only love my little love messages, the others take up too much time. As for the noise of some peoples mobiles it is a nightmare. I keep mine only on silence. So girls watch your manners and remember what granny said, take the first invitation and save money cut down on texts.
Now I am off to New York to see Tracey's show... "Only God knows how good I am" Love it.

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