Wednesday, 18 November 2009


When a friend succeeds, I like to bask in their glory too. My very old friend Hannah Rothschild showed a documentary she had made on Nicky Haslam last night, and I loved it. The snobbery (I do love a snob), the old fashioned way of looking at life, Nicky's dogs, the interview with his boyfriend who couldn't cope with Nicky being sociable, David Bailey - who said that Nicky made the Sixties and the Beatles were just some boy band with weird haircuts - it was all so glamorous and yet comfortable. I loved his chairs and the way he goes to Top Man - my favourite shop, where I bought some wizard clothes for my boys, fantastic jackets that looked like they cost a fortune. So, despite my friends being critical of the programme, I loved it. They felt it could have been more alive - but that is the problem with being interviewed by friends,because they can't go as far as they would like. They don't want to lose the friendship. You can't show Nicky having a temper. (I am sure he doesn't, but if he did it would make great television.) My only other criticism would be that Nicky used the word "meal" , which I hate more than any other. It's definitely common, to use his favourite word.
By contrast, there is reality television which is so ghastly - or dull - that I dread evan turning it on, particularly in America, where I haven't really properly watched the box for the last 15 years. However, last week, in Los Angeles, I caught a show called Sex Addiction with Doctor Drew, and was only saved from dying of boredom was a girl with monstrous plastic surgery, who has a sex addiction to her husband. (Actually, I would have thought that was a good thing.) Then there is another who wouldn't get up until a glass of orange juice was given to her - which I sort of understand, as I have to have my espresso brought to me every morning. She had a temper tantrum when asked to remove her make up. Everybody was vile and especially Dr Drew. So, as these are the only bits of television I have watched recently, I can definitely say that I would rather watch an Englishman any day - and especially one so talented and amusing as Nicky Haslam. WELL DONE  HANNAH AND NICKY, Hip hip hoorah, for the Englishman.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Amanda

Just to say, although you do love a snob, judging only from this blog I've stumbled upon, I think that your writing is very sensitive and touching, and shows true humanity. And I love that you always seem to be smiling. I shall carry on reading...