Monday, 30 November 2009


I really don't like the idea of day time television, all that lolling about on the sofa, with cups of tea, guarantees the numbing of the brain and ultimately depression, but I decided to watch it just in case I was wrong. It was raining and I could be? I evan hoped to be. I have never been so horrified. Despite there supposedly being lots of choice, it seems to be very narrow. Game shows and woman's coffee morning type shows, with naff blonde haired woman on them, talking about truly dreary things. Giggling, about their " in" jokes. I hated it.

However there was one good programme on it, finding if you were related directly to royalty. This actually moved me. I understood that the rather distinguished woman on it was related to King George 1V and that she was actually closer in line to the throne than Her Majesty The Queen. Although if you are of illegitimate birth you can't claim. It would have been interesting for Debretts to acknowledge this family as it was a heart wrenching story. George IV, was a true extravagant, who loved architecture, and left a collection of books to the British Library. As eldest son of George III and Charlotte, he was born August 12, 1762. Secrecy surrounds his first marriage to the Catholic widow Maria Fitzherbert, in 1785 without his father's permission. It was declared illegal at his father's request. George would have been unable to reign with a Catholic wife. In 1795, he married again, this time to his cousin Caroline of Brunswick, who bore him one daughter, Charlotte. He died on June 26, 1830. He is supposed to have seen his daughter from this love match just once when she was five years old and given her a set of garnets. The little girl recognized him but didn't realize it was her father. She had been sent to live with Foster parents and never saw her real parents ever again. Sadly she lived a life of poverty and wretchedness, and only tried to get in touch with the royal family once via a captain in the army, and was told never to call again. She ended up in the poor house. All that survives is the diary, which is full of such good descriptions the people running the program were able to provide proof and piece together her life.

On another subject tonight I went a party given in aid of The Warrior Programme, at the Royal Hospital Road,this is an amazing 4 day programme for traumatized soldiers, from many units such as the Coldstream Guards, Scots Guards, The Royal Airforce. they are able to turn their life around with the help of this wonderful charity. Movingly the ex soldiers told their stories one by one, a soldier had given some sweets to four children in Bosnia, and the children then had their necks cut for speaking to the British soldiers. In turn his son got killed. The soldier felt that it was his punishment. Other stories were told. A wonderful party for a good British cause,put together by many to rebuild the self esteem and dignity of people who have fought, for our country. Jeanne Marine sang along with her brother, Bob Geldof, Allegra Donne, Katrina Boorman, Chantale of Hanover, Nick Scott, Alia and Rocco Forte, were all there giving their support, and many others who are not mentioned. There is no doubt in my mind that war is a terrible thing, and I am not pro it, but I had to help these people and so auctioned my house in Los Angeles for a week in the hope that one or two people can be helped.

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