Sunday, 1 November 2009


I did not stay in bed this Sunday in the pissing rain. Instead I got up and went to see Charles my son run for his school, for the last time as he is in the final year, the famous Long Ducker, a ten mile run from Marble Arch to Harrow on the Hill. I was seriously impressed by him, it is voulantary. He is not exactly sporty though he has ability and no fear. As a singer, a counter tenor, he should evan have been careful, as he is also singing the Mozart Requiem tomorrow. There was something wonderful about being British, the beautiful park with golden leaves evan the rain, and about 50 loyal parents coming to cheer on their sons with hopefully good futures. I was full of pride watching them set off, Charles in his borrowed gym shoes, that he said were very old, gold and black Nike trainers, and his Paul Smith pink and black socks. The sentence on his back should have been in Latin, but here we are in the modern world "Proud of the past, living in the present, looking to the future" I hope this can be true. There was something magnificent about the boys running altogether along Hyde Park Corner.
On the other hand with those words lingering in my head, I still have the flu, and when I got back I couldn't stop coughing. Lucky I am healthy. Well reasonably, because I have never been so ill and it isn't swine flu, so the doctors say. Well all flu is bird and pig flu influenced. I got back to read David Icke who had sent me his blog. It says very clearly to do not have any jabs, that they have created a deadly version. As I write this most of you will say yes yes yes, he is crazy, well so far he has been right on many subjects, so perhaps we should all read him and realise we are being set up. What has happened to our dreams of creating a beautiful future for our children, and why do we as people allow others to ruin it? Lets all wake and be counted and start the TRUTH PARTY, before more requiems need to be sung.

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