Saturday, 7 November 2009


Well, I have just arrived in Los Angeles from New York and feel there is nowhere on the planet quite like this.. I feel rather tossed about. New York was a crazy whirlwind. I was staying at the Gramercy Park Hotel, which felt like home, rather dark, cozy baronial feel, busy like the Costes in Paris with some very sexy porters. Then there was Tracey Emin's show, at the Lehmann Maupin Gallery, which was probably one of her best, loved one or two pieces. If you think she has gone soft look again at her masturbating, in a series of drawings made into a video. She will have to go a whole softer if she is going to become a Dame. I am so fed up with obscenity and aggression. It was followed by an after party at a pretty Viennese Restaurant in Greenwich, called Wallse, with violins and delicious grub. Of course not quite enough for me. Tracey feels like home for me now, I know just what to expect, everything was beautifully made, and I want to own the whole show. Tim Noble and Sue Webster were there and some other loyal subjects from England. I made friends with Frank Gallipoli, who told me he has collected a lot of paintings from Charles Saatchi. I should marry a man like this. But hell there is no pinning me down just yet. I was thinking I would like someone who liked art as much as I do, so we could collect together. I have just entered my house Los Angeles and the huge skull I bought from Phillips du Pury last year dominates the whole drawing room. I think I have rather over done my love of skulls.
I also managed to learn enough about hair extensions and what they should look like. The same weight as your natural hair and very thin, at the very stylish hairdresser John Barrett. His team created a new Amanda in under one hour. His salon is huge on the 9th floor of Bergdorf Goodman's. His is a great friend of mine.
My brain is capable of taking in great amounts of trivia.
I went round to a friend's house who I won't mention as she said that if her name was once more in print she might scream. She is into saving fish.. There won't be any left soon, which will kill us off too. This sent me into a panic, and now I shall try and be vegetarian one hundred percent.

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