Saturday, 21 November 2009


Back in London is proving to be both exciting and challenging. Its gloomy and dark at 4pm, and in the pissing rain it could give you serious depression. I have been busy trampling the streets for a house to rent. My new one won't be ready until May and probably June at the earliest.
Last night I went to Solange Azagury-Partridge's jewelry opening at Home House. I have been a huge fan of hers for years, big chunky numbers that takeover the hands in gloriously opulent colours. In her collection she has one called Fake Duchess and another real Fake Countess. Then some others based on the Zodiac, all celestial and magical. Yes big rings do it for me, there is something that makes me happy wearing them, but I have no knowledge of diamonds. I get bored talking about them and instead have a passion for amethysts, I remember once Laurence Graff, who owns Graff Diamonds, said "change those amethysts to diamonds". I did not, really because I am essentially English and somehow I thought it very flash to own a diamond. Actually I got one when Johan and I were trying to work at our marriage from Vedura, I have never worn it. I must have at least ten amethysts, in fact my engagement ring to Johan was one. I am also in love with Loree Rodkin's knuckle dusters, and treasure one that looks like a moth.

Apart from the jewelry buzz I bumped into Mathew Williamson who looked like Johnny Depp, really very attractive and apologetic as he had stood me up earlier in the day. I was supposed to interview him for Genlux Magazine. Instead I spent the afternoon listening to music of New Moon, I love it and can't wait to get hold of the piano music, and my piano too then I can play it. I have also fallen in love with a pink piano by Damien Hirst with butterflies all over it. Lady Gaga performed on it last week and all I do is dream about it. I would rather have a piano than a diamond. Anyway it was sold to Gagosian for $450,000 dollars last week at MOCA in Los Angeles.

In the middle of the night I start dreaming of Antony Price, and his black dress I have from when I was 23, I love this dress and hope it isn't lost in the mess of moving. Black velvet its waist was tiny and it went across my shoulders beautifully. So that is why I am going to starve. Where was this genius hiding? I looked him up and there he was designing for Top Man after all these years, that clever Phillip Green has snapped him up. Why otherwise would I be up the escalator at ten this morning. Now I understand why I love this mans collection. Go quickly boys.

After indulging my fantastical whims, I went to the Little Black Book Party at China White, given by Tatler. It is a tradition now. I am really too old to be included, but hells bells it makes me feel good hanging out with the latest crop of eligible twenty year olds. The flamboyant glamour of Richard Dennen in a frock coat and half shaven haircut, made the whole evening, and funnily enough I didn't feel out of place at all. Despite the winter gloom London does glitter, just under ground, and hidden


Julie Anne Rhodes said...

You have been a busy bee, and a lucky one to escape LA with Loree's moth ring still in tow... I seriously considered mugging you for it.

I've saved every AP frock he has ever made for me. We can do an AP retrospective when you come back in December. Mine will probably all fit you perfectly, so you are welcome to photograph them for Genlux if you want... although I am exceedingly annoyed with the old dear at the moment, so I don't know why I am promoting him?


You are promoting him because you are above a little annoyance, in any case all interesting people can be forgetful of their duties to friends... GET THOSE DRESSES OUT, LETS STARVE SO THEY FIT AGAIN... that would be incredible. He was so talented. xxxx AMANDA LOVE YOU