Sunday, 29 November 2009


I have been busy remembering who I should be grateful to and who I love this week, a very good thing because I have so much to be happy about, I have had lovely people in my life. Truly I owe everything to them. My friends and those who work for me have been so kind helpful. They know who they are. There is nothing better than spending Thanksgiving with Heather and Sol Kerzner in their very happy pink, pale green and white house. Heather is a pink chiffon winner, always full of life and merry sunshine. It was very touching. Some people deserve praise.
I also had a great lunch at Odins, surprisingly I forget this old fashioned restaurant. It was so pleasant and delicious too. Good to be English for a change. Sometimes I feel so very foreign in my whirlwind of travel and drama. Sharing good company with lots of laughter.
The next night was full of action for the Sugar plum Ball in the Natural History Museum, girls in pale mauve tutus, looking adorable handed out lollipops. Four beautiful opera singers came and sang, and all for this charity called SOS homes, that provide homes for orphaned children. Very touching and beautifully organized, they have Sarah Fergerson leading the way and along with Oxford University students, put on a great show. Amazing prizes were in the auction. I so wanted to buy the Tracey Emin print she did especially for them.. I also want to go to Bhutan with Aman Resorts.I can only do fluffy white towels.
Thank goodness they put me in a serene state as I had a stressful day, my computer decided to collapse, I tried everything to bring it back to life, it has my play on it and music so is a huge disaster. Of course my mood could not be worse. Wow life can be stressful but luckily the MAC showroom on Kensington High Street could not have been more helpful.

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