Thursday, 5 November 2009


I had to get up at 4am in Paris to get the 8.30 am to New York, hells bells it was hard work. I didn't sleep a wink, awake all night with half an eye on the clock ready to jump out of bed promptly. Coughing was also a problem, and despite every conceivable pill I am still not 100 percent.
I have to stop shopping, I said this a few weeks ago and did little about it, but I am seriously sick. I managed to whip into YSL at 7.30am and buy a fabulous coat. Sick Sick Sick. I need help, it is worse than any eating disorder. If anyone sees me in a shop I demand that you all say NO, GET OUT OF HERE. My love for Balmain, Alexander Mcqueen, and Chanel has to finish as I have no room for anything.
I got on my Air France flight which was comfortable, although a man snored all the way there,a big fatso. The good thing about being on a flight though is that you are trapped for hours so after a small kip I watched Julie and Julia, Meryl Streep selling us her Cordon Bleu Cooking. I did a course at Winkfield, a finishing school in Windsor, when I was 18 where I took double the ingredients and ate half of them raw. It gave me a huge eating disorder, leading to me putting on 2 stone which took four years to lose. It had sweet moments, the lobster boiling, her appetite for sex, looking slightly ridiculous.
I really fell in love with Coco, about the early life of Coco Chanel. Audrey Tatou is so adorable and really I thought it would be very bad and it was incredibly moving. I cried all the way through. It of course fed my love of clothes. It made me think why do men like geishas? Will I ever learn to shut up. I loved the scene where she gets evan and cuts her lovers tie, so sexy as she slices it in half. Skin is skin shut off he light and feel. I loved Coco's total disregard for flowers and feathers. It was touching romantic. Have you ever been in love, I always knew I would be no ones wife, not evan yours. Better a mistress than a wife. Love, it never makes me happy, it hurts hurts hurts.
I now see I have to change in so many areas, I am extravagant, romantic and foolish. With so many interests I have to be more practical.
I arrived in New York only to be stopped again at customs, I wanted to scream, it smelt of urine.
Its too much. I have NO INTENTION of living here in New York.
Thank goodness for my friend John Barrett's hair salon in Bergdorff Goodman. I was given a complete overhall, and with seconds looked ravishing. My hair looks stunning and the make up stopped me looking exhausted. Wow this is the sort of pal we all need and makes springing out of bed first thing well worth it.

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