Monday, 23 November 2009


I am living in a hotel at the moment, a rather adorable hotel in Chelsea, London. For how long I don't know because last week I found a house to rent. Which was a miracle. The hotel has a mixture of tastes,gothic with Louis Farouk, and all coloured chocolate brown. Unless I remember where I have put everything, I nearly go mad as it is an impossible colour to see anything in. Chocolate brown is dramatic, no question about it, but as all my clothes are black the combination could drive you mad. I have calmed down now as I found 'my way' through Cafe World, Farmville, Fishville and Yoville on Facebook. These mundane games are giving me hope that I can become serence. Indeed in the pouring rain they provide a certain solace. I am now up all night cooking onion soup in time for lunch, feeding the fish so they don't starve and ploughing my fields, however the smashing and hitting of Yoville doesn't do it for me.
Had a tea party at the hotel yesterday, it is so quaint but 11 CADOGAN GARDENS, if you have the patience, serves the most delicious tea, with finger sandwiches, clotted cream and scones. How delicious, I have been on starvation practically for two days, in my books that means only eating once a day, see what a piggie I am. There is a new girl staying here, called Ivana Lowell, and she has written a memoir. Her mother Caroline Blackwood writer, was a Guinness. I have always wondered why they as a family were all so high profile. We don't go around talking with John Smith, the brewers children, do we? Well I learnt why yesterday, it is because they are Irish, rich, interesting, scandalous and some beautiful. It sounded rather like The Damned at the beginning of the film. They evan have a curse. Well I can't wait to read it, and study this illustrious family at close quarters.

I had wanted to disappear for a week end but had to see my sons who were out from school. Charles has dreams of Juilliard and was recording his songs, to try and get in. Plus the paperwork for American Universities is quite complicated.
There are some incredible people on this planet who give up their time for children. Valerie Miller, singer, from San Francisco, and David Price, ex head of music at Dauntseys School, accompanist, helped Charles all week end, perfect songs by Handel, Purcell, Bach and Bellini. The results were good, and these two amazing people gave up their week end to help a child, Valerie coming half way accross the world. Really there are some heros on the planet.

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