Thursday, 12 November 2009


Some people are an inspiration first thing in the morning. I am pretty good because at night, without booze or drugs, I fall asleep promptly at midnight to awaken around four am. That is when I work. This morning I woke to the dulcet tones of my great friend Rushka Bergman: 'Darlink do I like alright? Do I rock?' She certainly did, with her diamante Balmain jacket hugging her petite figure and her racy legs all ready to march through the corridors of Beverly Hills. She once told me: 'Nobody takes you seriously, you're too rich' - all within a three minute conversation - 'and that top makes you fat.' Oh dear. I immediately took it off. We're sisters Darlink, more than sisters, and indeed she is. 'I rock, darlink,' she says. And so she does. Her muscled legs prancing, she gracies the pages of Vogue magazine, her inimitable style better than any catwalk model's. She believes in clothes and so do I - up to a point. We both love them, photography, film and hard work. I met her through the Katy Barker photographic agency, when I had to find a stylist, and she was - and is - in my opinion, the best in the world. She combines her knowledge of art with enthusiasm and natural creativity. Yesterday, she was making a T shirt with broken glass so it could reflect images.

I am still in Beverly Hill where, at the moment, it is cloudy. The real estate market shows little movement, so there are plenty of bargains for those with energy and cash. Also, I have learned that the locals hate doing things up, which is good news for me as I love it. Meanwhile, I have been working for Genlux magazine. It has been so much fun, running up and down Rodeo Drive, choosing beautiful clothes for my page, I got an amazing coat from Louis Vuitton and some fingerless leather gloves from Chanel. I felt I was rocking, too, with my hair a la Brigit Bardot. Starry starry night.


Madame Arcati said...

I've decided you're my new best remote friend. x


Prove it x AMANDA