Thursday, 8 October 2009


 I desperately need some sleep. However, the fact that England has fewer trees than almost anywhere in Europe, is disturbing enough for me to go to the Globe Theatre and socialise with the Woodland Trust. Last year, I went to Prince Charles' house and walked round his magical garden. This year I talked to Princess Beatrice who truly believes in this wonderful British charity. It costs very little to plant them and it is essential for many reasons that we do. The beauty of a tree is the least important and yet so important. The wild life it brings, the balance of eco systems and so on. For the sake of my children's children, our forests must be cherished. The Woodland Trust organised a stunning evening with Clive Anderson wittily keeping the whole thing alive, whilst Robert Bathurst created fun by asking us to thump the table in time to Shakespeare's "Under the Greenwood Tree". And lets not forget the brooding glamour of Sean Bean, voted the third sexiest man in England two years ago. How fortunate we all were, and let's pray that The Woodland Trust's aims are achieved. Thanks to the very generous support of Disney, Credit Suisse and others, the food was delicious, the decoration looked good, and we all had a ball.

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Apron of the Month Club said...

Greeting from Texas. Sounds like you have been busy and for a good cause. I will be traveling to the beautiful hill-country this week. We like to spend time in Austin, TX, where the music plays all night and art displays are like wild flowers. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your day!

Yoli Kalkofen :)