Saturday, 24 October 2009


For the past four days I have been re writing my will in my head, I am sure I was near death, I could feel the rattle, the dry mouth, the hot cold feeling. I took a complete dislike to a friend who tried to help me, I am sure his pills were killing me. He was kind of creepy he gave the medicine rather like an undertaker, I am sure he was sizing me up for the right coffin. I did not dare not fall asleep in case he put pennies on my eyelids and closed my mouth, He was sinister. I know my room smells of old woman, an antique granny who wears pink cardigans in bed and pisses on a pad. My social life was on standstill, I just about managed to to get out of bed to have a very delicious dinner with Mr and Mrs Ivor Braka and their snake, who when I arrived was gorging on a pet white mouse. Apparently you can't frighten it or it will be sick. Anyway the snake reminded me of the sly man handing me out pills. He delivered them on a plate, and immediately afterwards I was unconscious. I am sure I had swine flu but in any case the pills took any of my energy. I still have to change my will, because there are people on it that I no longer like.
Getting back to Ivor he is planting some Elm Trees as there are so few left in Britain.
How I got the flu is obvious I decided to have a jab in order not to get it, instead I have been iller than ever before.

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