Sunday, 4 October 2009


Whilst walking through the Marais for a little culture on a Nuit Blanche, a flash of pink caught my eye,and I stumbled on Kinder Aggagini's showroom There he was, and I was so happy to see him, the British flag laid out on a table displaying copies of Hello! and The Herald Tribune, featuring photographs of Trinny Woodall looking elegant. I love his clothes and asked if I could buy them all. He was teasing me, saying that I owed the great seats at his London show to him and not his PRs. Still, he was busy and I had to dash to check out video art from Tel Aviv. It was a mixed bag, although I loved seeing one by Eyal Magnus, where a man was undressing himself over and over again. My friend, the very talented writer Tilla Rudell was doing the public relations for them, and it was a relief to talk to her about art instead of dresses; sometimes it is all too much. I needed dinner badly so met up with Jean Louis Sebagh at Brasserie Lipp. He was in a sparkly suit, suitable for Liberace, and we were in good company: next to Grace Codrington, and opposite my friends Josephine Hart and Maurice Saatchi who were on their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. I thought I might be a little tearful as Jean Louis had been a big love, and here he was introducing me to his new girlfriend. But I was okay. If love is like a book, then some don't need re-reading.

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