Sunday, 4 October 2009


Fashion weekend, and my head hurts from the noise, and being squashed and heated to 150 degrees. I want to sleep an extra hour, cuddle a boyfriend - I don't know - run in the streets. I love fashion but not first thing in the morning. Who is in and who is out really does not interest me unless it's the right time of day. Still, I definitely like to have invitations, and I'm pleased my friend Tim Willis made, sitting next door to Alexandra Shulman in the front row of Lanvin. Yes, I'm very pleased for him, but what does it all mean: a job, an editor's job? Newspapers are clearly zooming out of fashion and it's all about us bloggers. There are more photographers than ever before. Ask them about the f-stop and they look blank, but they are modern thinkers, into the digital age and on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Stumbleupon. Vogue is out of date, as we bloggers have printed the stuff four months before them, and are on to the next big thing. So back to being squashed, thinking: what is the point of sitting next to a girl writing up the shows in long hand. She said she worked at Vogue, but that was hardly original. The magazine had about twenty people at the show, all writing the same thing, all out of date within hours of writing it. Please sieve them out. Then I can sit in comfort, write up what I have to say on my Blackberry and post it straight on my blog, or snap on my camera and tweet it within seconds. Also, don't you think it would be good if they were smart and well dressed? Take note, girls, the only ones looking good were the Japanese, Carine Roitfeld, Franca Sozzani, Carla Sozzani, Anna Wintour, Rushka Bergman and some PRs. Look at the girls standing, the keen ones; the gate crashers look wonderful and the rest of you are a tired bloody mess. I get up at 7am so Snowden Hill, straight off the catwalk, can do do my hair and nag me to be thin, whilst Sophy Nails nags me to try the new Chanel logo. Watch out. Tim Willis, Rushka and I are all coming!

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