Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Yesterday Belinda Carlisle asked me to watch her in Hairspray, a wonderful, uplifting musical in which she gave a great performance. From lying horizontal for a whole week I was taken in to the magic world of Baltimore in the early 1960's. A musical addressing the serious issues of racial segregation. Dressed in yellow and with a blonde curly wig I felt she looked like me, and wow is my pal agile. I am impressed, born the same day and year as Madonna, there is great similarity. At the beautiful Shaftesbury Theatre I was given a box. Belinda and I have many stories together, and the most fun was when she got trapped in a cage in Marrakech with me banging on a carpet man's door to let her out and then another when we went to the Hilltribes in Thailand, and watched the Grandmothers breastfeed. Go Belinda do it for me, tread those boards.

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