Monday, 5 October 2009


GIVENCHY last night rushing through the streets of Paris after a huge lunch at my favourite Brasserie Lipp with one of the people I most love. David Collins brings a smile to my lips every time I see him. Architect, designer, and creator of the atmosphere of so many restaurants in London. I love his taste so much, and his quick wit is unsurpassed. So he has everything in fact. Talent wit and humour and he is evan brilliant at cards wow. I hate to name drop, but as no one else does, he is friends with Madonna, well almost everybody. I have never heard a bad word against him. Irish to the bone, he adores his family. I met him with another of my big loves, Alek Kershishian who did the famous documentary of Madonna " In bed with Madonna".

Now back to Givenchy. It was made all the more fun because of the commentary by Rushka Bergman. Of course she got to the front row, and I got a text, thanks to Karla Otta, but never mind. We both saw, I loved the chiffon over harem pants. Rushka thinks it will make me look fat. Okay okay they are not for me. There were pretty tops Russian hats, music girls and plenty of long thin legs. I suppose I am a Galliano/Mcqueen girl but there is a definite style here. Roughly fourty two gorgeous women and a lot of men in black suits looking like bouncers. Black painted hats, patent shiny leggings, fitted jackets over billowing shirts, in black and white. Nothing really new but I liked it. Of course you can go to my pal, Sir Phillip Green and buy the look for a tenth of the price, but think quality and I have a passion for expensive fabrics against my skin.

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