Tuesday, 6 October 2009

THE DUMB BLONDE HICK...Without LAGERFELD, GALLIANO and MCQUEEN The fashion world would be dead boring

Chanel this morning looked like being a struggle. First Snowden forgot his case full of magic to do my hair with, then it was pouring with rain; plus I was exhausted and wanted to curl up in bed for another hour. By now, everyone needs to be amused and, boy, did Karl understand that. The fashion world would be a sad, sorry place.without heroes like him, Galliano and McQueen. For a week I have been hearing from Snowden about the aliens, fish and water creatures being made for McQueen's show, so I will not be missing that.

But back to Chanel, whose PRs have excellent manners. (I was in the first row, so thank you.) Not so the mob. All those photographers and journalists, haggling and pushing, reminded me of a souk. Look, it's Julian Lennon! The love of celebrity is becoming a bore, but the readers cannot get enough. Swallow swallow, gulp.

So here are my impressions: superstars, cameras, mad models coming out of a haystack to the sound of a kitsch 'Chopsticks', puffed skirts, black lace on cream, cutie pie , summer pie, talking on mobiles, rock chicks, hicksville party boom boom boom, beautiful girls in high waisted jeans, narrow legs, long chiffon dresses over short like Dior, mini skirts, pretty pretty, and Lily Allen singing her number one hit, in a stunning silver and black dress, with sparkly shoes.

The show finished with a modern story of love gone wrong: an abandoned girl in a puffed white mini dress ,with a simple scarf on her head, returned to the haystack and her broken dream. And me? I wanted everything. Everything.

Then in the evening we went to Alexander Mcqueen, the best of the best, in impossible shoes he created a hit collection, creations swimming aliens, robots, with the use of videos, exotic hair pieces and very clever make up. Guido's team out did themselves proving that Alexander pushes himself to the limits. WOW more tomorrow.

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