Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Back to Alexander McQueen. There are few people with as much imagination as this son of a taxi driver. I met a cabbie the other day, and as he drove me round, he told me the whole trade was very proud of him. My son Charles, who loved McQueen from an early age, would beg to help Guido with the hair in order to see what was going on behind the scenes. He did five shows, all wonderful, The Alien and The Chess Set among them.

Last night was no exception: deep water became the new earth, peopled by aliens, drowning and being drowned by more aliens. Greens, seaweeds, gold and jewels continued the theme of the mini, this time with outrageous platforms in snakeskin. Then there were puffball dresses, skinny leggings, fitted tops, and broad shoulders at least one foot taller than you are.

The models walked with dignity, slowly over the stage, in great magnificence - gone is the pony walk - and WOW!, I take my hat off to the workers who stayed up for several days crafting their fins. The makeup artists created pearl like skin, almost making the models look ill - yet the effect was successful, as Guido and his team proved once again that they are the best. I hope they snitched a fin or two for me.

Guido’s friends, too, are loyal beyond belief. Daphne Guinness looks more and more like an alien herself, with fake blue eyes and a huge stripe in her black hair, styled in a high bun. Forget pretty, it’s not in fashion. Here is the high priestess of clothes, telling us to be freaky, and I love it. (I shall not, however, be following her around to find where you buy fake eyes; the shoes - see previous blogs - were bad enough.) Meanwhile, Pam Hogg's hair was literally yellow, making me feel I should have taken my look further. In fact, the whole of McQueen’s inner circle has an alien aspect. How wonderful is that? Perhaps I shall get some pointy ears.

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not enough stars, too many black holes