Thursday, 24 September 2009


Amongst the cardboard boxes and keys, the suitcases and fashion shows, my ex husband and I finally have our complete freedom. Good bye Chester Square and all the past, and here I am on the brink of a new life. What will it bring?, Will I be happy?, Will I cope, be able to understand all the small print etc? I suppose these are the fears that every woman goes through. I closed the door on my old life with a feeling of elation. Now I am lying in a chocolate-brown hotel bedroom at Number 11 Cadogan Gardens, in a camp bedroom with gold mirrored doors, and I can barely remember waking in my old house. I am very comfortable here, and it has only been five days. Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours with my architects Mark Guard, and now the renovation starts. I am going to disappear soon so that they can get on and leave it in the capable hands of Jane Churchill. I don't want to get any panic attacks. I feel remarkably chirpy and I put it down to my golden locks, Brigitte has put me into a brilliant mood. A lot has changed in a year.

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Julie Anne Rhodes said...

I felt the same elation when I left Gilston Rd. You can either view the future with fear of the unknown or through a child like wonder and anticipation. The choice is always ours, and the later makes life so much more exciting. I knew you would see it that way excited to see where life takes you from here!