Sunday, 20 September 2009


Trying to like green vegetables in all their purity again is proving a nightmare, my pretty Brazilian dietician, who is with me, tried to humour me by dying them red with a little beetroot - which sort of worked, and made eating pumpkin - the most evil of veggies in my mind - just about palatable. She decorated it so beautifully with chopped up mushrooms. This week I have coped because I have started to love pineapple. Anyway, this morning I jumped on the scales to find a little movement in the right direction. Yippee! But I still felt the need to hold on to the bathroom ledge.
Back to the fashion world this week, and with 25 years under its belt, London has something to celebrate. It is innovative. Quality is not always our plus, however, and as I walk through the halls, sometimes I want to cringe. Is this all we can muster with the super duper creative brains we have here in this country? There are exceptions, the tried and tested for example and - news spreading fast - the collection by Maia Norman (Damien Hirst's spouse). Then there was the brilliant Kinder show - according to Trinny Woodall - which I wanted to see but got stuck in traffic. Luckily, we have fabulous accessories which makes up for some of the more lacklustre exhbitors. Stephen Jones and Erickson and Beamon have been given centre stage this season. The room to the left at Somerset House, has their collections and as usual I want to buy everything of Vicki's. Stephen has a wonderful small top hat in black mesh. Hatter extraordinaire and wonderful cosy person, I always want to know him better. I looked through all my hats while I was preparing to move and hadn't realised how many I had of his. He always adds a twist and humour to his collection. His 25th year in the business means he is twins with Fashion Week. Vicky at Erickson and Beamon is the love of my life: after all, my assistant carefully packed up all of her collection thinking it was real, ready to put into Harrods safe deposit, as she thought it was so valuable. She is right. I do have emotional ties with E and B pieces, I love the way she matches and makes fashion, she is so very now. As I was leaving the first day, my eye was caught by some shoes by Beatrix Ong, a name often banded about. I tried to take a picture but they said no. She was keen on my magazine (Genlux) and had tried to get in it - well I will do my best. Her shoes are crazy in a comfortable walkable way. Unfortunately for me, they are mostly in beige, not a colour that is allowed in my wardrobe.

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