Monday, 21 September 2009


As I sit here with my big block shiny bow from the Luella show I am happy. Happy that fashion is back.. I love fashion here at home and despite the p.r's officious behaviour there is some brilliant talent shining through.

Kinder Aggagini has won first prize for me. His gorgeous stripes and crazy mixes, Chanel de constructed jackets, beautiful, imaginative and delicious. I went to his atelier this morning in a basement, South Audley Street.

Luella was 1940's tutti fruiti, with a net over the face and bows on the hair, ready to meet your mother in law sort of look. Think smarties crossed with war cocktail/lunch clothes.

Todd Lynn was a strictly rockstar junkie Los Angeles feel about it, better be skinny girls. This year he won Designer of the Year for GENLUX magazine.

Mathew Williamson has his usually boho look and turned his hand at suiting this is where he shown a break through.

Now off to Geordie Greig's party at the Evening Standing.

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