Friday, 7 August 2009


There are only a few shops on the planet that I can feel excited to enter, Coco de Mer is one of them, evan though they don't stock my book, Cloak and Dagger Butterfly, which is quite infuriating as it would look so good on their shelves. However putting this aside I have to say that it is the only one I don't get hot flushes when I enter and immediately want to leave. I suppose I do have a fascination with sex, the idea that you can go so very far with it. I was once interested in Tantra and realised that unless the men in my life had training there would not be much point in learning it unless they found this to be to their liking too. It can be a frightening experience, expertise, tatty and rather tasteless. Coco de Mer makes everything wonderfully romantic, deviant yes but romantic and sweet smelling. As I can be both wild and a prude, in the same moment this is essential.
I once went to a Tantric Sex lesson in North London and the man looked like a perverted creep, while he was massaging my friends shoulders I wanted to escape. All around the room were these huge dildos and all I wanted to do was hide in a corner. I left promising to have ten lessons and then immediately cancelled them. Yes, sex can be terrifying.
Anyway, at Coco de Mer's Los Angeles shop, Loree Rodkin yesterday launched her range of exotic candles for us to smell: gardenia, incense, old fashioned aromas. Loree is known for her funky jewellery and kitting out Michelle Obama in her finery.
I bought the most incredible ring from her last month, a moth with opals. She sells at my other favourite LA shop, too, Maxfields. I once promised to marry Mr Maxfield on the strength of his shop. I have always loved a Gothic experience and this fills every aspect of my imagination. Of course he might not be so enamoured by me, as I haven't 6ft blonde legs, but I would be his most faithful customer.

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