Sunday, 23 August 2009


The thought of rushing home to clear up my house fills me with dread. I have loved it so much. Easier would be to lock it and disappear leaving Cadogan Tate to take everything and put it into storage. Of course keeping my YSL shoes out and my shorts too. I dread the feeling of packing up and chucking out old friends. It is light and fun in Los Angeles, and from my bed I see the sunset over the hill.

Have had a very busy two days, photographing Maria Bonner and Emma Ford. What fun it was stripping off a young boy and placing him between them. We laughed so much and so I have broken a promise of a life time and taken pictures of a naked man.
It was quite terrifying like the first time you get kissed. What if he has an erection in the shoot, what if the models take him off and make love in the middle, what if I fancy them, and so on. I have always dreaded the beauty and nakedness of men, what if I don't, and I don't, look as good as they do in the altogether. I had forgotten how exhausting it is taking photographs for myself. It has been an age since I have found models that I like, actually I only found them because Bob Carlos- Clarke sent them to me. He knew the type of beauty I liked and would send them round. In fact Emma is one of his favorite models so it was fun taking pictures of her.
With a great struggle I re dressed and got ready for Diana Jenkins birthday party whose husband is Roger Jenkins of Barclays Capital, in Malibu. Just as I was about to leave my car refused to start, I thought about pushing it down the hill in my twenty inch heals, not a good idea so Jack the Sad rang my photographic assistant who rushed round with some jump leads. There we are, and we are told people don't care about others in LA but actually they do.
So off we dashed, once my car started, for a wonderful celebrity soiree with Sean Penn, Zeta Graff,The Hilton Sisters, and we evan witnessed pretty Paris being refused entry, when she actually wanted re entry, Kid Rock, Cindy Crawford, and Tamara Beckwith. The party had the best belly dancer I had ever seen, I was unable to stop watching. After an In and Out Burger, and leaving with some new health drinks called Euro, we sped of f home to sleep. But before leaving I saw the best Motor bikes I have ever seen, I have a huge fantasy riding one, I have dreams of riding through America on one.

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