Saturday, 15 August 2009


What does life mean? I hear everybody ask this. The young with little direction don't know what to do. I tried to learn with the school run and obtained dead eyes, when my dreams were crushed, not crushed of course by my children but by 'time'. What does anything mean?. When I was growing up I questioned everything. What if there was a nuclear war?, what if the world turned upside down?, what would happen to my children, and so on. I think one must remain in your time and try to do a job which one loves, and enjoy the nucleus of the family. Accepting that this is also irrelevant, and that it really doesn't matter, nothing does as long as no one is hurt. I still though question everything, is it interesting I think not. We are dust and when we die we return to dust. At least I have humour and religion and for me personally, this alone saves me. So while you learn, enjoy the plants, the music, the sun, the rain, and enjoy your bath.

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