Monday, 24 August 2009


I have just been told that with a witch on speed dial and seven packs of tarot cards no one would seriously be shitty with me. Now that is something I like hearing. I was also cross examined as to why I liked skulls so much, and why I have so many of them in my house. The answer is that I am a goth at heart I think, I also dream of riding huge bikes that I would be too frightened to use. I gave my friend a present and it was turned down because they want to ward off bad energy. What sort of impression must I have given. Well perhaps it is a good thing, there will be apparently no messing with me.
In the mean time I like Yoga and Church just as much as white witchery so off I go for a two hour lesson with Eka. She teaches Iyengar Yoga, but is much less harsh that the master back in London. Looking like a Nubian Princess, she elegantly shows us the light.

Here there seems to be no rest for the wicked, I had lunch with my fellow blogger Julie Anne Rhodes at Cecconis in Beverly Hills, who will shortly be doing a book about her fabulous cooking and life with Nick Rhodes. So good to meet her. within seconds I knew I would like her, we openly discussed our ages and whether I would be suitable for her ex. Well I never thought about it before, I like to be the prettiest one in the bathroom and Nick and I would definitely argue over the make up on the pillow case and whose foundation belonged to whom.. Lisa Borgnes Giramonte was there too, who has an incredible blog called, try reading the books she does in a year. There is something adorable about her love with the English.

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Julie Anne Rhodes said...

So lovely to meet you too darling. I still think your wit, style, aesthetic eye, and knowledge of art make you a prime are and will always be the prettiest in the bathroom, and so long as you both wear the same shade of foundation who cares about the pillows. You both seem to adore the same people and places...I think you could have a fabulous life together. All food for thought.

Big hug,

Jewels xo