Thursday, 13 August 2009


I am from now onwards going to hang out with the young and lively, of course not forgetting the old. There has however to be a change. Yesterday I gave a dinner at my house for Trinny Woodall in Beverly Hills and it made me laugh, everybody here has a 5.30 am meetings with New York and so start twitching and watching the clock at about 9.30pm in order to whip home in time for their 4.39 am wake up call with their Trainers. Have they got the time wrong I wonder? Is it a new 'green' policy to keep down the electricity useage? Or is it that the inhabitants of Los Angeles are completely anti social workaholics that hate friendship. This can't be true. They must like me. The flowers by Eric Butterbaugh made the party, he is a charming genius. The funny thing is over here you never know who is in your house, and I recognise few famous people. Yesterday was the same, a whole lot of friends of friends arrived bearing gifts. I was asked to read the tarot cards of this very trendy sleek guy called Slash from Guns and Roses. I knew nothing about him, as usual. I have obviously heard about Guns and Roses but know little about them except one of them wears a top hat and danced while playing the guitar with Michael Jackson, well this was the very dude sitting opposite me, but I was only told later on. I hope to god I read the cards correctly, I love doing them but anyway Slash's life has to be cherished because I have never seen a person with so much luck.

Trinny and I tried a little shopping expedition together to my favourite shop Maxfields, it was a trifle embarrassing when all the items of clothing we tried on proved to be three thousand dollars upwards, the answer is that however well off you may be its a disturbing to find clothes this expensive. I personally find it difficult to wear fur when you see heart rending pictures of animals dying in agony but there was a delicious black shaved mink bolero by Rick Owens.

I do feel trendy having ventured to the Hollywood Bowl to see Lang Lang and Herbie Hancock, although I think they tricked the audience into listening to Vaughan Williams. Not easy if you hate classical music and not easy if you love it, which I do. Also the lazer show of Led Zepplin was quite magnificent, shown in a fashionably shabby flea pit in Los Angeles.
When it takes thirty minutes to buy a bottle of milk in Beverly Hills due to the distances you think about venturing out and usually I leave the fridge so empty that the boys volunteer to buy food, so at least I don't have to enter the huge massive super markets. Something I hate.

Now have to work, off to choose my page for Genlux Magazine, a little work does no harm. I then met Stephen and Zeta Graff who is Genlux's Jewellery Editor, she also has a fabulous new range of circular balls in yellow, black and white diamonds.

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