Sunday, 30 August 2009


I got back to Chester Square yesterday to find the house full of red and white roses from Wild at Hart and a marriage proposal. I usually do the proposing so it made a change, although the answer is no. Domestic bliss really doesn't suit me this week. I am having fun, and wish to go to Paris at the end of September with the feeling that I am free still, although it might or might not be the case. Its so much fun being single and being proposed to at the same time.

Bristish Airways upgraded me yesterday to First Class thinking they were doing me a huge favour, of course they weren't. I am a spoilt bag. I like the peace and quiet of upstairs in seat number 63K, instead of the continual service and nagging of the staff in First Class. Yes I can make own bed, and No I don't like to eat. The food is worse than boarding school, and the other passengers come off a cruise liner. So give me the solitude of my seat and I am a happy bunny.

It was sad to leave the buzz of Los Angeles behind and the continual conversations about The Burning Man. I really wanted to go, but without a hairdresser or shower for a week I might go crazy. The sand which burns goes everywhere and I don't think my humour would last so it is with regret that I said no. It is meant to be an eye opener to the meaning of life with plenty of sex. I think if I found what that is I might not like the answer, so I shall carry on being ignorant and as for lot of sex, well .....

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Julie Anne Rhodes said...

Try Virgin Atlantic upper class next time. Service with a smile, and I thought the food was great last time.