Sunday, 2 August 2009


At last it happened, and thanks a lot to my tenacity. I bought my number one house and complete on it in September. Chester Square, I leave in good hands, I have loved and treasured it, the ghosts and dust of past owners, among them my hero John Osbourne the author of Look Back in Anger. Sixties rebel. Sir Hugh Casson did the interiors when you didn't need permits to fit a light bulb. It was crazy when I arrived there, with chain metal ceilings, a huge avery, a fireplace in the middle of the drawing room. Thank goodness for craziness, thank goodness for freedom and no permits. I am sick of local governments demanding such boring things as permissions and fire regulations, its a bore. I am moving to Chelsea, where I shall live hopefully amidst the ghosts of the original true Bohemia.

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