Sunday, 19 July 2009


Where is the freedom, where?
Freedom is not equality, and equality is not freedom
Is freedom politically correct?.
We have to be silenced, not pleased with our achievements?
and for heavens sake don't show ambition
If you do have ambition, don't tell anyone, keep it quiet, you will be penalized for being industrious. Even if you have luck and opportunity, you are forbidden to talk about it.

What is the problem with speaking correctly. Why do we have to adopt miss shapen words that mean nothing, to sound cool. Can you imagine if when the Queen is offered lunch, she said to her butler "yeh your crucial gov, your're a diamond geezer".

What is wrong with the face of reality, it still exists. We can see cows. If we have to accept any language what about the pigs, who lead orderly lives and look after their families, communicating from toddlers. Why are n't social services down there giving them a council flat?.

Everybody has got their priorities wrong if we were all more spiritual there wouldn't be this problem. Why aren't we called a number. Life, unless you are privileged, and lucky to be an outsider, mentally or physically, seems to be under 'a barbed wire regime'. We are to blame, we unwittingly allowed a' barbed wire regime' in an attempt to strive for equality, fairness, etc. But it is equality gone mad. What happened to being unique, Britain is famous for being unique, 60's Carnaby street went all over the world.

I loved being whistled at. It makes me feel like a woman, because soon enough it will stop. When I was I working I was left a note on my desk which today would have given be 50,000 pounds.
"When you have finished your make up and nails could you do some photo copying" Ghastly but they were pulling my leg, so where has the fun gone? Sexual harassment is "You look nice today" It's sad men don't open a door anymore, but not surprising when stem cells are being produced in test tubes and made into sperm. Will they genetically modify what we are going to look like.. Will that be so pc?

We are already on the way, couture is no longer pc, individualism is no longer pc, certain songs, vocabulary, and thought is no longer p.c. Wait, if you are fashion conscious you will have to have secret meetings like the early Christians.

Wearing and making of fur coats I understand, but to be penalised because the clothes fit and just happen to look chic, you are going to get P.C. Policed?.

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cybergrocer said...

I am a firm believer in opening doors and standing up when ladies enter a room etc. These are not the actions of a sexist, they are things that any polite, well brought up man should do. I will not stop!
Whilst I do not whistle at passing women, I will complement people I work with. In my experience, you are more likely to be accused of being gay than sexist!
It will be a very sad day when we are unable to appreciate the opposite sex for being well dressed and/or attractive.
By the way, what right does your ex have to tell you what to do? If you were still married to him, would he have asked the same question?