Tuesday, 7 July 2009


What and who is real?. Money buys your scenery, the clothes, the entourage, yards and yards of somebody elses hair, boobs, and face lifts. You can become the opposite sex for 50,000 pounds. You can buy style, publicity, and be silenced with money. People can tell palatable lies, in fact money in able to buy counterfeit.
Zsa Zsa Gabor with her diamonds, darlink, bought sexual kudos. Princess Margaret commented on Elizabeth Taylor and The Krupp diamond, and said "how vulgar" then when it was offered to the royal digit, Elizabeth Taylor said "not quite so vulgar now."
Madonna has bought herself the image of the earth Mother, whilst Angelina Jolie, is tank girl with a heart. It's all fake, the devil shows you a veil of illusion but when you lift up the veil, the sickening reality is luminated ,and it is too much for people to bare.
If you don't like somebody, the Mafia can provide eradication of your enemies, for a fee. Money makes comfort and removes discomfort. It is misused, people buy forests for their new crown, and irrigate large deserts so that they can look saintly, not realising that to flood a desert, you have to drain an ocean.
The world is run on idiots and megla maniacs, who think that most people are stupid. Why aren't these very people building a decent hospital in London, rather than embellish one of our religious temples in London, costing millions.
We can't afford to bring Matron back or buying the nurses a decent uniform, and as for giving them a bit more money for hard work, they can forget it. We should be getting rid of super bugs not giving another medal for somebody to wear.
We are in a double recession, and something is terribly wrong. Look out of the window it's the same for everybody. When you get married and you expect that a husband or wife should have different qualities than a girlfriend, or boyfriend, and then rush to have children. As a parent they should have another facet, how can you expect anything when passion turns into duty. All that marriage can give you is a marriage license, it doesn't wash away your previous sins in the tide. It is instead a ticket for a divorce, .
It doesn't change the original actions. If you do something shitty it will come back to haunt you. Just as doing something good, you could expect an accolade. However, at the end of your life, your trophy will be presented to you.
I am not offering myself as the blessed virgin, or this years Miss World contestant winner, I am just Amanda, a, woman living her life. I don't need the paraphanalia to feel good about myself. If I do, its just adornment, and not an inoculation, you can't purge your sins with money.
Can we also finish with this celebrity culture? We need a healthy perspective. I am fed up when people mention my family and they use three generations old celebrity status, to make the whole thing palatable.

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