Saturday, 11 July 2009


I wanted to walk down Sloane Street this morning and couldn't get into any of the shops.. I was about to get furious pounding on Chloe's doors, when I realized it was the fifth shop I had gone into, and all of them had armed guards. I almost wanted to ask, am I on the guest list?, there are night clubs with less security, and palaces too. Eventually I got in and asked what is the problem. The shop girls said there were armed forces searching the street for jewels and clothes, big gangs of men, who go from shop to shop smashing the windows as they go. Now this is terrifying because of violence, they said that Winter was worse. I went along the street wishing I had taken their doorman with me. Everybody looked part of a gang, should I risk walking to Prada, or La Perla or is it just too dangerous?. It was like those nightmares when you hear somebody in your room and you can't make a sound, struggling for your life and you can't move. Last week Cartier had their windows smashed in. Paule Ka shop girls looked terrified when I entered with my handbag. I would not want to work down this street. It is a shame that you need bravery to put a dummy in the window. I now walk in the middle of the road, and dread walking into Dick Turpin saying stand and deliver. It's highway robbery and you can't even get 10 percent off. If you want this seasons handbag, it seems that you have to steal it rather than buy it. Hell I don't want to wear that mask over my eyes.

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