Friday, 17 July 2009


I have been a lover of Couture since a child the opulence and the vulgarity, the word couture is beautiful in itself, and the idea that nobody will have the same item of clothing, made to measure flattering my figure, in exquisite materials, is a thrill, for me. Choosing unusual and exotic satins, silks, cashmere, wools, chiffon makes me want to dive into my bank balance and dream of the one and only dress I would never tire of. The problem is I seem to tire so easily. I love to shop, yes it is a terrible thing to admit, but the thrill of entering a beautiful paradise full of clothes is better than almost anything. So with great excitement I prepare myself to get ready for last few houses that have the cash to indulge in this old world venture. Rumors on the street are that Alexandra Shulman and Anna Wintour did not attend any shows because of the financial collapse and that Vogue Editors had to buy their own tickets. I totally understand what she is saying and agree, but where will all the ideas come from in the future. Lovely John Galliano's triumphant thoughts, have left my brain often in turmoil, gigantic models walking the catwalk. Coming to think about it we should all go and bang on their doors and demand that they show. This is exactly what it is. A Show.
My goodness me, this week has been a joy, a relief.

I finally found fun hanging out with my English girlfriends. It was good to talk about horses, and shop with a friend. Lucy and I first went to Galerie Lafayette, and although most people hate it, I love it. It has very good buyers, and when you fully understand the layout, it can be quick and empty. Also most of my friends prefer Bon Marche, but the sales are better at Lafayette. I tried on the new short shoulder less jumpsuit by Yves St Laurent, it looked too frumpy. I would have taken scissors too it and cut it off above the knee. I preferred the similar designs of Stella McCartney and Helmut Lang, and so did the shop assistant. I also found some black suede platform ankle boots of Louis Vuitton without the toes. So left happily with them. We then went to Colette of rue St Honore, and I bought the fabulous evening jacket of Balmain's as it fitted like a glove and now I have two, and yet another pair of ankle boots by Yves St Laurent. Some sexy underwear at Sabbia Rosa on Rue St Peres and then back to my house, merrily lying in the drawing room listening to Rachmaninov 2 one of my favourite pieces of music.

Dinner at The Costes and lunch at Cafe Flore I swam back to England to have dinner with Martha Fiennes and her husband George Tiffin, who have a comfortable and cosy house in London. Well worth it as their cooking was incredible, a barbeque. Martha is a funky British girl with blond streaks in her dark brown hair. Lively and interesting she bravely directed her brother Raph Fiennes in Eugene Onegin, a beautifully visual production based on Alexander Pushkin's poem. I love the last scene, Liv Tyler is very moving and Raph too. The other film she made was Chromophobia, written and directed by her and produced by Ron Rotholz, a must for Sundays. I love her twists. I only wish that she was able to do more.

Yesterday I left first thing for Arundel Castle in Sussex to have lunch with one of my oldest friends. Lucy said I must brave the motor way because Georgie would introduce me to a husband. We had a good laugh about that. It would be a very brave man to be able to put up with me. In any case lunch was luckily vegetarian, I can't look at anymore piggies crossing my plate. Then we went round the castle and garden. I love this period of history. The swash buckling heroes of yesterday lined up in paintings in the halls, I loved so many stories about the Norfolks, the premier Catholic family in England. From poets to crooks to collectors what a crowd they have been. Now my girlfriend Georgie, who is nearly a hippy Duchess, she loves meditation, yoga healthy eating, and gardening. Her garden is a fantasy by Isabel and Julian Bannerman and hundreds visitors from England come to see it, although it is new and still growing in. They put on plays with the Royal shakespeare company and concerts. Well worth seeking out the joys of Arundel.

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