Friday, 10 July 2009


We all know that there is a saying "when it rains it pours" . This week was a torrent. I now have accepted my ex husband marrying and actually realize Its not interesting at all. I am sad I lost my friend up to a point, but I don't like complications, soup, and promiscuous relationships, and wanted my life to be fun, not full of anecdotes about my previous world. I will always be in Johan's life that I have to accept and nothing can change. We have children together. It certainly has been an emotional roller coster, but because of the time of year have managed quite happily on my own.

I also decided I am not buying a house on the other side of the park because I felt in enough of a washing machine without putting myself into an area I hardly know. It is funny that you are either a South of the River or North of the Park Person. Okay you lot out there I accept I am a Belgravia Girl. In Paris I am more Bohemian and in LA more active. I am a changeable feast depending on where I am.

I also want to be quite close with a man again and be happy that they are snoring next to me. I want to feel the closeness and smell of somebody's skin.

The last straw this morning that guarantees misery was no water so despite the torrent I am in a drought at home, and I have no water for at least the week end. Ghosts are meant to be able to activate electricity and water, so may be it is the Ghost of my Mother "Sorrows come not as single spies but in Battalions" Shakespeare of course said it so well.

The good thing is I am in some delicious hotel room with huge candles, red velvet and gold, very Venetian, rather Papal in fact. It would be a wonderful place to live in the middle of Winter. The hotel is 11 Cadogan Gardens, in the centre of Chelsea. It has such a fabulous feel to it. Black floors, beautiful bathrooms, lit candles, fireplaces, televisions. So out of all this melodrama with one of my sons running down the street with suitcases and music, it is rather calming to settle here for a night or two.

With the boys off to do their duty with my ex husband's new wiflet I have time to play. I found a new house on a shortish lease in Chester Square, as I couldn't live without my Baker and Spice bun each morning. Let's hope that it goes through, I dare not go away on holiday until it all looks a bit settled.

Last night I went to the Serpentine's Summer Party, which looked stunning, as it was a particularly beautiful night, I loved the Pavilion by Japanese architect SANAA.
“London can be quite cliquey - but this party brings everyone together,” said Hussein Chalayan. A night for only attractive people. I realized few were there who were less than perfect in every way. Well dressed elegance, added
to the funkiness of Jeff Koons colourful paintings.

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