Monday, 27 July 2009


With roughly 700 guests Cartier as usual made sure that we were spoiled rotten. With no hint of a recession thank goodness, no talk of it either, it has become such a crashing bore. We were made to feel very welcome by the great party giver, Mr Arnaud Bamberger. He pulled out all the stops , we were fed in style by yummy chef Mossiman. Lobster salad and courgette flowers to start with, and beef that melted in your mouth for the main course. Forget about watching the horses, they were being brushed by the grooms, I was interested in the people. Luckily I have a huge wardrobe to raid from as the weather changed every few minutes and tulips just don't do my figure justice. I grabbed my delicious soft Chloe navy blue silk shirt, a Burberry black rain coat,Ysl platforms to give me some fake legs and my new mini shorts from Pinko just trashy enough for me..

An array of diamonds, pearls, pretty shoes, leather sandals, bare skin in tasteful and of course not so tasteful amounts, everybody looked ravishing, elegant, and luckily some were naughtily daring from behind. Photographers swarmed from one exotic creature to another. Flowery summer dresses, catching the light and wind, as the girls darted by, like pretty butterflies. The marquee was a production with photographs of past games printed directly onto the canvas tenting, white flowers, pales green foliage and white roses with topiary bushes towards the top. Polo of course has changed, and clearly I was way out of date. I started going roughly twenty five years ago at Ham Polo Club, and it used to be an Old Guard affair, with everybody in the correct attire. Forget this there is little correct left, cleavage, brown legs, perfect lashings of mascara, and every body looked out of the pages of magazines. Indeed they were. Pussy Cat Girl Ashley Roberts flirting with Leonardo de Caprio. To attrack such stardom it was hardly a low profile event. Mixing the young and talented is an adventurous idea for the best public relations in the world. P.S Don't forget to buy a little something, to keep the whole thing from sinking next year, please.

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