Wednesday, 10 June 2009

TOM FORD "I HOPE I AM NICE". An exclusive interview at Harrods, oops Selfridges

Tom Ford is looking good, broad shoulders, small waist, slim arms, perfectly groomed, dishy and masculine, no longer in the skinny jeans and jacket of the Gucci Days. Architect, Fashion Designer, Business Man, he has created and built up quite a few empires. Tom Ford is so many things that he becomes a super hero. Surprisingly he admits to being an introvert, anxious and a lover of being on his own. This he has only found out recently. He was astonishingly good at school, and the students wanted to kill him. He loves his Mother and won't tell her age as she wouldn't like it., but she looks good. His family are normal his sister teaches English in Los Angeles. From this start he has become a demi God, and a likeable one too. At the moment he is doing his first feature film, and has been editing it for the last 5 months.. He plans to do several more too. From riding, manure and sweat he has taken the world by storm. Are you interested in Politics?he is asked. No he says, but if only, I think. He admires Obama as the shining new force in America. He has the ability to be shocking and pure in the same sentence. He has a long term lover.
Wow, and I want to have dinner with him tonight, because he exudes a sexuality, that is a rarity. One bit of advice, he gave is, if you wish to be iconic, find your style and keep to it. He believes fashion does not need changing so rapidly, it is driven by journalists and the society we live in. As for old age, he doesn't intend to look old, he wants to touch his toes at eighty, drive, be fit and look good at all times.

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