Thursday, 18 June 2009


I didn't manage to make Ascot, the shoes all looked wrong in my cupboard, and I only managed to get to Philip Treacey today to buy a hat, but I am saving it for the Bismarck Anniversary do on the Theme of Tropicana. Of course I wear nothing but black so I now have a black Tropicana hat. All the others will be wearing pink, yellow and lots of foliage, so I found something suitably sober. I love that shop in Elizabeth Street. It has magical hats, elaborate and like Stephen Jones, Philip has the air of a shy genius. Now I have decided to change tracks and not move out of the area. How can I leave Oliveto, Baker and Spice, I might die if I can't get a bun... Shh I am still on my diet and all in all I lost 7 pounds I think.. I cheated this first day on the scales, so it could be more or less.

Last night I went to Tracey Emin's lecture at White Cube I couldn't stay because I was doing a reading of Cloak and Dagger Butterfly at Sketch, Conduit Street. It was given by Louis Vuitton's Sue Whiteley, who loves the Art World. Very generously LV support several art events, and as usual they did it with flare. Masses of canapes and champagne went by but nothing I swear passed my lips. I spoke to Michael White, who told me a wonderful story about how he had bought a Lempicka painting, the one with the green dress, for six hundred pounds in fact he bought several from somebody Hartnell.. Of course my little ears pricked up, and I asked him to stay.

I rushed off to Sketch for the poetry reading unable to listen to Tracey. Sketch is very groovy, Paridise Row Art Gallery, had taken it over for the night and I was one of the lucky ones reading. But dieting and reading out loud is enough to make me sick so I got this bomb of a girl called Melinda to do it. She read them much more erotically than I could have done, as I am far too shy, it makes me feel sick with nerves. I had Lyall Watson there my drama school coach, and Melinda wowed us with her acting..

I am frankly still a bit weak from this diet.. I don't have my usual energy and looking for house is driving me crazy. I have discovered that Belgravia is very good value and will stay here, so my dream of gardening will be put on hold.. The house I like has a garden, so I can do a little planting and see a little green, amongst the pavements..

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