Friday, 12 June 2009


What a whirlwind of excitement I had last night, well sort of. I rushed off in the middle of the tube strike to go to the MCM store on Sloane Street and see my friend Connie Filipello. Connie has given me numerous jobs with Italian Vogue and I owe her the support. There were masses of handbags - all in bright, happy, summer colours - that I loved, but I am simple in this area. Basically, my Yves St Laurent handbag is my friend and I feel I am unfaithful if I put my fingers into anything else (though I did fall for a chic Kara Ross bag last week - or rather, several Kara Ross's).
Anyway, there is no room for anything new in my wardrobe, now that I am trying to be more green. How long this will last will be anybody's guess - but I am trying. I am also trying to stick to my diet. I have two Brazilians in my house, cooking and pummeling me, and unless they feed me on time, I could knife somebody. I can't be starved. My gallstones, however ,are not nagging me, and today is the second day. I have screamed at the girls because they were shopping when I needed to be fed - but I think I had lost some weight by this morning. For breakfast I am given an apple, watercress and celery drink, and at 11am an apple with walnuts. For lunch they cooked a sesame and watercress burger with tomatoes. Thinking I was going to die, I asked a friend to sneak in a Red Bull. I am no good at giving up coffee, and realise I am a caffeine addict. Well I don't drink, smoke joints or take coccaine, so I have to have some failings. My friend who is with me now says I should take up pot and calm down.
Getting back to last night, after MCM, I went to the Grosvenor House Antiques Fair, which was full of delicious antiques. Some were even not too expensive, which is is a total miracle. I looked for some friends, but the event had a rather staid feel, like visiting an ancient aunt. Everybody was terribly polite, in a jolly-hockey sort of way - perhaps because the Duchess of Cornwall was attending - so I felt I had to behave. But really, the GHAF could do with having Peaches Geldof on its committee. I could only stay for a few minutes because I wanted to guzzle my soup. "Drink slowly" I was told. Too bad, I had already finished it.
Then off out again to Pia Getty's amazing house, an enormous place in Chelsea. with Gurkhas guarding it. (How cool is that?) In fact, the whole house is an adventure - thank god she is imaginative in that New York. uptown, golden-girl way. With pheasant wings on her back, she greeted us all. I couldn't stay long, because I was surrounded by such delicious canapes, it took all my will power to say no.

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