Thursday, 25 June 2009


Michael Jackson dying today will be a serious blow to my generation. As a child star, we all loved him, happy ,cheerful and one of the most talented, if not the most talented, pop stars of our time. As a teenager nobody could beat him, his energy and success brought about enjoyment for all. Few have the dance technique he created.
As he grew older trouble scandal and an obsession about his appearance, made him a neurotic figure in American life. But he was a true eccentric, but like true eccentrics, they feed the public with debate on their behaviour. We should however remember that few people achieve his greatness ever, and he united the world in Michael Jackson power.
My sympathy to all his family and friends and of course RUSHKA BERGMAN, my friend who became so close to him in his last few years of life. She was styling him to the end. Three cheers for the AMERICAN DREAM.

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Julie Anne Rhodes said...

Very sad indeed. I can't help wondering what all that talent and fame really got him in the end. Is it all worth it?

I'm booking that holiday I fretted all afternoon over, and celebrating every moment of the life that has been bestowed upon me. I can't cry over life lost anymore, but I sure can celebrate the lives I've cared care for,,,and for my own included

Jewels xo.