Sunday, 14 June 2009

MANY DREAMS COME TRUE, The passionate Decorators.

Pictures of Madeleine Castaing.
The good thing about dieting it gives me more time to think, and be organized. So in my head I am decorating Strawberry House. My best girlfriend Danny Moudaber will be decorating it in parts like Dorothy Draper, the famous American decorator. She was famous for using outsized white plaster against mirror as surrounds of fireplaces. Huge furniture in strong colours. checked black and white floors. So film starry, I now can't wait to live there. I won't be listening to the tales of woe from friends and family. A 12 minute journey seems a little price to pay for fantasy.
Danny also went through her other favourite Madeleine Castaing, a flamboyant French woman who liked leopard carpet wall to wall and 19th furniture. She had enormous wit and style decorating accordingly. Dying in the 1990's at a grand old age, never touching her face.
Dorothy Draper for me has the glamour I need and like. although I am a huge fan club for both.
I also have a crush of Sera Loftus Hershman, who has some delicious wallpapers that I have used before and a new floor that looks like lace. A wonderful romantic who lives in a Chocolate Tower in North London. I have worked with her before taking many of the photographs she uses. Together we have done several projects. This week on Wednesday at Sketch we are reading my poetry, Sera is making me, although I am very nervous and rather sick at the thought of it. We are both lovers of burlesque and freedom. Her lace and rose gold and black wallpaper, are true passions of mine.

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