Monday, 29 June 2009

HARROW SCHOOL Leavers Concert

Sometimes I feel truly happy to be British, when I like Great Britain and all that it offers. Although I was born in Lebanon, and have a leaning and yearning for the Middle East, I love it here on a bright and sunny day. For nearly a week you couldn't find a more beautiful place to be. On Sunday I went Harrow School, opened during the reign of Elizabeth 1st, to listen to the Leavers Concert. All the boys sang beautifully with their masters, and looked elegant too traditional uniform of tails and a waist coat. Very old fashioned but very smart. What a pity it is thought to be so out of date. They are lucky to be there of course, but they work hard too. It was a wonderful evening, Thank you. They sang pieces from Chess, and other Musicals as well as arias from well known operas.

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