Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Tracey Emin's exhibition starts tomorrow at White Cube. I love Tracey, I first met her when I photographed her for my book British Artists At Work, although at the time I found her terrifying. She is everything I would like to be, well almost. The grande dame of the art world with a room at the Tate. She used to come and stay with me every Summer, before I got divorced, in the South of France, and take over the running of my house, she both loves and hates cooks, she liked to be involved with the kitchen. Tracey has huge loyalty to those she loves, supporting them in whatever they want to do. She also likes cheese. There are so many great stories of her that it is best you do your own research. There are plenty. With her love of Margate, sewing, cats and her past you might be forgiven for being confused. Whatever, you will have fun finding out. Her Party at the White Cube, followed by a very touching dinner at Browns with Jay Jopling making a wonderful speech about how he met Tracey, I say next door to Nicky Haslam, who looked chic chic in Top Man. Want to go there immediatley...

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