Sunday, 3 May 2009

SERGEI EINSTEIN LIBRARY, A panel discussion on art and film



If Russians were coloured people they would be treated differently, but they are not,nor are they Europeans. A famous writer wrote communal living is a eutopia, but for the Russians,it is their reality. Russians have different realities from Europeans. We must understand each other, the Russians do through their literature and media, but the British do not. The Russians think it is funny to see films made by British Directors, about their literature, and viservsa. It is more and more difficult to shoot meaningful films, it is easier to shoot television, where you can sneak in your ideas for film. It is easier to shoot films in the West because the international market speak English When Slumdog won so many oscars it had all odds against it. It was a foreign film with sub-titles, made on a tiny budget. This is the dream of any director. Usually it is the opposite that wins, huge budgets, big box office and a cast full of stars. Unfortunately the Russians take the worst of the West very quickly. Russian producers are better than Wallstreet coats. Every Director understands the vision but the vision is different from those selling them. Acting has sadly become flatter and flatter, artistic performance rarer, television has done this. Before, we had Fellini, Einstein, Bergman as role models, and after World War Two and Film Director was heroic. Nowadays there are no role models, every two years there are new Director stars, who are kind of "Tarantino"


Russians own England, they own English Newspapers, Football Teams, Real Estate, why not film. Why is Abromovich wasting so much money on Art?


The Indians are independent from the West, and in England, the English do not have a problem when a man dies in the street in Delhi, and in Moscow it's a crisis. Sadly Russia is not independent and they follow mainly the USA. A Russian will sooner view a USA movie rather than a Russian. There is a new generation who hate Russian Cinema, and say so openly. They copy the USA. The Russian elite worship the West but they start externally not internally. There are houses built on the outskirts of Moscow caller Little Italy, Little Monaco and have English Names.


Lenin said we should change the people.


He failed.


Where does the money come from, the state?


What we do is get somebody with little education to finance them. There are schemes where you are lent 10 million and then you give them back five million and you have five million to make a movie.


It was virtually impossible to finance and make Eugene Onegin.
The first question she was asked was
What is the Russian Soul?
She had no idea. Onegin has a landscape of emotional unrest and depth. Do we think like this in the West? What are we, what is the West? We have been corrupted in the West for many years.


I am a specialist and a pessimist, the west are veering towards debauchery and wonderful liberal views need revision in the near future. One illusion is to be Politically Correct. We hope it ends it is the new dictatorship. Equality is not freedom.


We have to fight inertia and freedom. Living in a culture of NO, you push on. Easy art is not necessarily good art.


You clearly like to suffer. What really matters is what the children do, they are inventing new ways, rejection of the present system is good, they don't vote, and they find a way. They will not follow a system. Easy is good. Not getting financing is good too, as it sieves bad scripts and work.


After discussing this its the perfect climate to make films for ten thousand pounds. Now is the time to express vision. They can make a film off a credit card. The artistic virtues must not be replaced by how much you make.


Distribution is tricky its the sticky wicket.

A big event for this museum are the young contributors. The current climates are making it difficult.
Martha Fiennes needs congratulating to make movies like Eugene Onegin.
Now we are studying Stephen's Liason Dangereuse at School.
Where is the worst place to make movies,the USSR, USA or UK? Working is good anywhere. In the old days the director chose everything, and the film was made. Movies don't get made in a financial crisis, they become moments of contemplation. Real art then happens. As the West is in decline so something new will start.


I don't know about Moscow, where did Ana Karenina kill herself? He knows the books the literature, its history, but who is Russia now?


Before he was happy, before he slept well, he ate well. Now he has made the film there is now no more money to finish it off and the Russian backer got assassinated. Maybe next year it will finish.

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