Monday, 25 May 2009


I always swore I hated green, green grass, green rooms, envy, green fields, but this week I have been proved wrong. Not only has it been fabulous weather, although today is seriously gloomy, but I have had the pleasure of seeing Alia Fortes garden. Several years ago I went, and there was nothing, but now it is growing steadily. What I really like about Alia's taste is the useage of plants, she puts height in unusual places,mixing Iris with the Poppy, she loves clashing colours. There is also a lot of great ideas, she is building a St Francis Garden. St Francis when he was dying was asked by his friends if he wanted to remain naked outside or be taken inside. He asked to be kept outside naked with nature. There is no naked man lying there, but there is the beginnings of a garden, holly bushes and a large wooden sculpure that she is going to carve into or paint. In another part, Mark BRAZIER-JONES has built a sculpture which a vine will grow up in about 2 years. Above a table is one of his Chandeliers, all in a pale jade green. Once when I entered her house in London, Alia was building a huge bookcase out of shells. There is no stopping this womans talent. Earlier in this blog she was selling handmade beautiful shirts.

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